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1. Member(s) will agree to pay the fee of $600.00 +tax for one year rental of storage space & $300.00 +tax for Season Trail Fee payment totalling $900.00 +tax.

2. Member agrees to hold Water Valley Golf Club free from liability in the event of loss through fire, theft, or damage during the term of this agreement. It is up to the Member to remove their cart at the termination of this agreement if their choice is not to renew.

3. Assignment of storage space for member-owned golf carts will be made by the club.

4. No gasoline or oil may be stored by members in their storage space.

5. Golf car storage does not include maintenance; removal of a disabled golf cart from the course by golf course staff will not be immediate. Course staff will not interrupt their regular work schedule unless the location of the cart effects play on the Golf Course.

*Requests for assistance must be done through the Pro Shop

6. Member carts are not permitted on the course at any time that the Clubs own golf carts are grounded because of course conditions. Members have the responsibility of obtaining cart path information each time they are on the course.

7. Owners of golf carts will be held responsible for damage to golf course property or other property, equipment or individuals from any case whatsoever involving their golf cart. Adequate insurance is recommended to cover the equipment liability.

8. A member may not lend his car to other golfers. He must be present and playing golf when his cart is on the course.

9. Every person allowed to drive a private golf cart on the course must have a valid driver’s license and must be a current MEMBER of Water Valley Golf Club.

10. Only golf carts with a signed Storage and Trail Fee Agreement with Water Valley Golf Club are allowed to use the trails on the golf course. No personal carts are permitted.

20 Round cart pass terms

A cart pass is valid for 20 eighteen hole rounds or its equivalent 40 nine hole rounds.


1. Each pass holder will be responsible to check in at the pro shop each time they would like to take

a cart on the course.

2. When the member checks in, they will let the pro shop know if they are playing nine or eighteen

holes. The pro shop attendant will then check in the member on the computer (number of carts used will

be tracked in the computer system).

3. Once checked in, the pass holder will sign for their cart and receive a key to a cart and will proceed to the tee box to play their round.

4. Upon the completion of the round, the pass holder will return the key to the pro shop.

NOTE: A cart pass is per seat, if the other seat is used two rounds will be used from the cart pass, or guests will pay for the other seat.

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